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How to Ship a Car from State to State – What to Know

If you are planning to migrate with your car from one state to another, you must be wondering how to ship a car from state to state. No matter how much distance you want to cover, you should always hire professional auto movers to make your transportation a hassle free one.

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Understanding the Interstate Transportation Lingos

Before you are looking for the answer to the question how to ship a car from state to state, you must want to know about the terminologies which are used to define how far the car has to go. For example, when a vehicle moves within the same state and it travels less than a hundred mile, then it is called local auto transport.

On the other hand, when the car is shipped within the same state but the distance it covers is more than 99 miles, it is referred to as interstate auto transport. But when the vehicle is transported across state lines, it is then known as interstate auto shipping.

So, when you visit any professional auto transport company and inquire about how to ship a car from state to state, these are the few terminologies that you may hear.

Finding the Right Companies

The first step of how to ship a car from state to state is to find the right auto transport company that handles the shipping for you. Free instant quotes, tips and guides actually make the process easier. The easiest way is to compare all these information from these different companies and this will quickly tell you how much you can expect to pay depending upon the distance, type of service you need and also the weight and model of the vehicle.

Also you want to verify the reputation of these companies in Better Business Bureau (bbb.org) and The U.S. Department of Transportation (dot.gov), so that you don’t have to face any hard times that many other consumers had already experienced before.

Choosing the Right Shipping Method

When you are making inquiries how to ship a car from state to state, you have some choices to make. There are several auto shipping options including flatbed, open, enclosed, or expedited. When you choose open method, your car will be shipped in an open hauler with several other vehicles. This is the low-cost method to ship a car from one state to another.

When you choose enclosed shipping method, you car will be transported within a protected container with no more than a few other cars at a time. Enclosed shipping could cost up to 60% more than open shipping method. If you are in a hurry, you can choose expedited shipping method, but it would come at a heavier price tag.

Choosing the specific shipping method will determine how much it costs to make the shipping happen.

Preparing the Car

Once you have selected the right company and shipping method, the rest of the question of how to ship a car from state to state gets quite easy. You need to prepare your car. First clean your car and take photographs from different angles. Make it sure you take close photographs, so that it becomes easier to deal with auto transport company, if any damage happens after the vehicle being transported to its destination.

You want to remove all your personal belongings from your car and also take out all the detachable units (such as antenna, fog lights, etc) from the car. Make it sure that the car alarm is disabled before you send your car for shipping. Do not completely fill the gas tank of the car. Take a detailed note of the pre-existing condition of your vehicle.

So, you need to follow these steps if want to know how to ship a car from state to state. s