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Budget Transport – How to Keep Cost to Ship A Car Down

If you are looking into shipping your car to another state or even to another country, then you must done your fair share of digging around the net for auto shipping rates. While these can be pricey, there are a few tips and tricks that you can do to keep the cost to ship a car low. Just keep in mind that you, as a responsible car owner, need to make sure that you are getting the best value and not just the best price for auto shipping.

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Roll-on-Roll-Off (RORO) Shipping Method

The RORO or the roll-on-roll-off shipping method is the most widely-known cheapest way to transport a car. This is because there is no need for expensive loading machinery, equipment, or added manpower since owners usually drive their own cars to the port. The RORO is also preferred by people who own bigger car types like SUVs, vans, trucks because getting a sole container for large vehicular models is not an affordable task.

Ask about Open Air Shipping

One way to cut down the cost to ship a car is to ask your auto shipping firm or broker if the company has open air auto shipping.  However, keep in mind that this is only applicable for those who do not mind car damage due to its exposure to the elements. If you own an expensive model, luxury brand, or a classic car, it is recommended to acquire a private container instead.

But if you just want to transport your humble family car, then by all means ask your chosen auto shipping company if they have options for open air or shared container auto shipping as many companies have standard inclusions in their packaged rates.

Ask about their Off-Peak Season

You can also manage the cost to ship a car not just by how it will be transported but also by the distance of the total trip and its weight. For the first one, expect that the farther the destination, the higher the rates will be. Also, if the destination city or country is not a popular route, then rates will be higher. Do not give up though as you can get a lower price by simply negotiating with the auto shipping company or asking for a discount from your brokers. Many companies give promo rates during off-peak season or during those times when they do not have many orders for auto shipping requirements.

Schedule Ahead of Time

Also, keep in mind that several transport companies offer lower rates to those who make reservations ahead of time at significantly cheaper prices.

Control Your Car’s Weight

Your car’s weight and the amount of space that it takes up can also determine the price that you have to pay to ship it. While you cannot control the weight of the body, you can get a lower rate if you remove all the accessories like the leather seat covers, antenna, rear view mirrors, and the like.

Don’t Avail of the Insurance

Not many people actually know that they can keep the cost to ship a car down by not availing of insurance from the auto shipping company. If your own personal coverage can include car transport insurance, then by all means ask the auto transport company if they can exclude the insurance costs from the total rate.

Compare Rates

Lastly, you can get the best auto shipping rates by researching online and inquiring as much as you can from the various transport companies’ websites regarding their fees. Read their terms and conditions carefully as each company will give you different inclusions.